Kelly Funk
Winter Snow covered Village



106-3270 Village Way
Sun Peaks, B.C. V0E 5N0

Phone: 250-578-2020 | Fax: 250-578-2023 | Email

Administrative Assistant & Accounting

Name: Catherine McGauchie

Building Inspector

Phone Number(s): 250-319-4558

Bylaw Enforcement

Phone Number(s): 778-257-2275

Chief Administrative Officer

Name: Shane Bourke

Director of Corporate Services

Name: Nicky Jonsson

Director of Finance

Name: Cheryl Taylor-Gale

Director of Public Works

Fire Chief

Name: Dean Schiavon

Prevention Officer

Name: James Griffiths

Public Works

Name: Mike Kinloch

Public Works & Special Projects Assistant

Name: Arne Fevang

Training Officer

Name: Campbell Bryk

Utility Billing Specialist

Name: Anne Nicolson
Phone Number(s): 250-578-2020 ext 207