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 Bylaw Patrol is in effect seven nights a week.

 Contact Bylaw: 778-257-2275

 Should you require immediate daytime assistance, please leave a voicemail at 778-257-2275, then contact the Sun Peaks Firehall at 250-578-8985.

 Strata-related Bylaw concerns should be directed to the appropriate Strata Council as Bylaw  does not respond to any Strata-related issues.

Bylaw Document Library

Winter and Summer Parking Regulations

Winter (November 1st - April 30th):

  • NO parking permitted on any highway within the Municipality (this includes all roads and subdivisions roads and cul-de-sacs.

Summer (May 1st - October 31st):

  • Parking allowed on even side of road.

General Parking Rules

NO Parking is allowed at any time during the year in the following situations:

  • within six (6) metres of a fire hydrant, or in a Fire Lane, or in a No Parking Zone, or in a Loading Zone, or adjacent to a curb that is painted yellow;
  • in an area designated as a Disabled Persons’ Parking Zone or Handicapped Zone, unless such vehicle displays a valid disabled persons’ parking permit;
  • at any time on either side of the main road through Sun Peaks from the western entrance into the Municipality to the east side of the skier’s underpass on Valley Drive;
  • in a cul-de-sac;
  • so as to interfere with the normal flow of traffic;
  • on a sidewalk, boulevard, shoulder or any place reserved for pedestrians except where specifically designated as a parking zone;
    • if it blocks a private driveway;
    • within six (6) metres of the nearest point to any intersection;
  • in contravention of any sign or other traffic control device; and
  • on any Highway for a period longer than thirty-six (36) hours if otherwise allowed by this bylaw.

General Traffic Rules

A person must not stop, or park a vehicle:

  • in an area designated as a No Stopping Zone;
  • with the vehicle engine idling for a period longer than 3 minutes, if otherwise allowed, unless passengers are actively embarking or disembarking.

Snow Clearing Rules

A person must not dump or blow snow onto the Highway Running Surface.

Penalties & Enforcement

The Parking and Traffic Bylaw may be enforced by Municipal employees including the Fire Department, or by security personnel working for the Municipality.

Infractions may result in fines being issued. Please check out our bylaws for further information.