Sun Peaks council (four white men and one white woman) standing in a row

On June 28, 2010, the community of Sun Peaks officially became the country’s first mountain resort municipality and the 161st municipality in British Columbia.

Sun Peaks’ first municipal council, composed of Mayor Al Raine, councillors Darcy Alexander, Mike Forster, Ines Popig and Mario Pozza, were sworn in by Justice Richard Blair before the community and dignitaries at the Grand Hotel and Conference Centre, Sun Peaks Resort.

On Nov. 6, 2018, Rob O'Toole was sworn in as Councillor by Chief Election Officer Nicky Braithwaite. Sun Peaks Municipal Council consists of Mayor Al Raine and Councillors Darcy Alexander, Mario Pozza, Ines Popig and Rob O'Toole.


Mayor Al Raine

Phone Number(s): 250-578-2020


Councillor Rob O'Toole


Councillor Mario Pozza


Councillor Ines Popig


Councillor Darcy Alexander

Phone Number(s): 250-578-7222