Property Tax

Please visit to confirm which grant you are eligible for.


Home Owner Grant 

  • Must apply each year
  • Only one registered owner, who qualifies is to apply
  • To apply online, visit 
  • To apply by phone, call toll free 1 888 355-2700 
    • When you apply, you will need your social insurance number
    • Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
    • Live in BC
    • Occupy the residence as your principal residence
  • Apply before the tax due date to avoid a penalty 

There will be a process change for those applying for a disability grant online – we will not be asking for documentation upfront at the time of submission. We are making the process easier and streamlined.

Property Tax Deferment 

  • You may qualify to defer your taxes on your principal residence for the current tax year, if you are: 
    • 55 years or older, a surviving spouse, or a person with disability, or
    • Financially support a dependent child with disability or is under the age of 18
  • You must apply online, not at the municipality. 
  • If you currently defer your property taxes, please refer to your Annual Statement of Account to verify you have selected the automated renewal option or not. 

Payment Options

Credit cards are NOT accepted payment for property tax

Online banking

From your financial institution’s website, search for Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality and select the payee with “property taxes.” Use the last 8-digits of roll number (no dashes or spaces after 544-xxxxxxxx) on the front of this tax notice as the account number. Ensure your payment is received by the due date.

The payment date is the date that we actually receive the payment in our bank account not the transaction date.

Telephone banking

Contact your financial institution for instructions. Ensure your payment is received by the due date.


Must be received by the due date. Mail lost, stolen, or delayed by the post office will be subject to penalty and postmarks will NOT be accepted as proof of payment by the date of payment. Your canceled cheque is your receipt.

Mortgage Company

Remember to apply for your Home Owner Grant, if eligible, even if your taxes are paid through your mortgage company.

Cheques and Bank Drafts Payable to: Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality

May be postdated to the tax due date. Incomplete items will not be processed. Returned cheques constitute non-payment of taxes and will be subject to applicable penalties and a $25.00 service charge.

Debit Card

Confirm with your financial institution that your daily transaction limit and balance are sufficient before making your payment



Email: (e-transfer message must include Roll number). Please use your online pin as your password (top right corner of front page of this form above the due date)

Pre-Authorized payments

Balance due: Ensure you apply for the Home Owner Grant if eligible. Final payment will be taken on the last business day in June of the the current tax year.  Please click HERE for PROPERTY TAX PAP OR TIPS FORM.

Credit balance: Any credit balance will remain on your account and be applied to next year’s pre-authorized payment plan.

New applicants: If you wish to set up a pre-authorized payment plan, please see our website for the application form. Payment for next year’s taxes begins in July of the current tax year.

Ownership and address changes

If ownership has changed, please forward this notice to the new owner, or return it to the Municipal Office. If your mailing address has changed, please notify BC Assessment.

Taxes from prior years and tax sale

Interest on arrears (prior year) and delinquent (2 years prior) taxes will be applied until paid. The Province of BC sets the rate on a quarterly basis. Properties with delinquent tax balances will be sold at the annual tax sale held on the last Monday of September of the current tax year. Contact the Municipal Hall at 250-578-2020 for more information. If you have taxes from prior years outstanding, payments received will be applied to oldest balance.




The Home Owner Grant is a provincial program that reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence. Property owners must meet the eligibility requirements and complete an application form each year.

PLEASE NOTE: Home Owner Grant applications must be filed annually. Any applications that are incomplete, unclaimed, or late, will result in penalty charges. Grants that are not claimed are considered equivalent to unpaid taxes and subject to penalty charges.

Important Change for 2021

Municipalities can no longer accept retroactive or new applications for the Home Owner Grant. All homeowners must apply directly to the Province. For more information and to apply, visit the BC Government's website or call 1-888-355-2700. Please ensure that you apply prior to the due date to avoid receiving a penalty.

Do you need help understanding your property tax notice? To determine which grant you may be eligible for, view a