Boil Water Notice #2 - Burfield West 31 Oct - 2 Nov


The boil water notice for Burfield West has been lifted. The Boil Water Notice for Peaks West is still in effect until further notice.



Rivermist Excavating will be completing a watermain tie-in which requires a temporary water shutdown on Tuesday October 31st (9am-5pm). During this time, there will be no municipal water supply to Burfield West. Depending on valve isolation requirements the on day, other buildings which may experience water service interruptions include:

The Burfield

The Burfield Lodge

Burfield Maintenance Shop

Following the watermain shutdown, a precautionary Boil Water Notice will be in place for the effected area until Thursday Nov 2nd at 5pm.

Water to be used for the following purposes should be boiled for 1 minute and allowed to cool prior to use:

- Drinking (including for your pets)

- Brushing Teeth

- Preparing food/drinks/ice (including washing food)

- Making baby formula