Hydrant Flushing in Progress

Hydrant Flushing in Progress

During this time, you may experience some discoloured water as sediment is stirred up in the distribution system. Flushing of the effected area will be conducted today, and complete by 8pm. Running some cold water through your tap after this time should help improve water quality.


The Fire Department was doing training today which inadvertently stirred up sediment in the water distribution system on Burfield Drive and potentially Peaks West. During this time, you may notice some discoloured water. Crews will be conducting flushing in the effected area today (May 20th, 2023) in order to restore water quality.

Utility Staff will be conducting water quality testing and expect water quality to improve within 24-48 hours after flushing has been conducted.

Please contact utility staff if you still experience any water quality issues after this time at 250 319 0629.