Resort Gas Ltd increase in Delivery Rates effective January 1, 2022

On your January 2023 billing, you will notice a one-time cost adjustment on the Resort Gas Ltd.’s delivery rate. This adjustment covers the previous calendar year (2022) to account for costs associated with providing the service to the community of Sun Peaks.

Resort Gas Ltd continues to focus on providing a necessary service to the community in the most cost- effective manner possible. Profit is not a key target and rate requests are considered with the primary goal of achieving a fully user funded utility. As part of this process, gas delivery rate charges have not been adjusted since 2016.

This delivery rate adjustment for 2022 will result in the following bill adjustment:

  • Approximately $30 (or 1.97%) for a typical residential customer consuming an average of 49 GJs per year
  • Approximately $173 (or 2.18%) for small commercial customers consuming an average of 282 GJs per year
  • Approximately $3,036 (or 2.61%) for large commercial customers consuming an average of 4,215 GJs per year

Resort Gas is hopeful that usage this winter season will return to normal levels and propane commodity costs will come down overall.

Full details on the BCUC decision and order can be found at the following links:

We thank you for your understanding and continued support in providing this essential service for the community of Sun Peaks.

* Resort Gas Ltd. is the utility business providing gas (propane) to the community of Sun Peaks; it is wholly owned by Sun Peaks Resort LLP. The management services and operation of the supply are contracted to Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality.

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality Water and Wastewater rate increases effective January 1, 2023

To service the Utility’s existing annual interest and debt repayment while reducing the reliance on uncertain future development DCC revenue, the Utility must fund today’s system with fees generated by existing users. Finance and Utilities explored several fee models that support both conservation and the need to address the fixed day to day operational costs for properties where there is only part-time occupancy.

Whether used or not used in the non-peak periods, the Utility has minimum costs every month to maintain both water and wastewater services. Council has approved a funding model that adds a minimum base charge and 10% increase to water and wastewater rates.

The minimum base charge would only be charged when the monthly usage is below half of the first-tier usage

For information regarding our water and wastewater increases please see the newsletter: