Seeking Committee Members

Sun Peaks Municipal Council is seeking community involvement. There are several Council committees that address various issues within our community, and we are looking for members of the community who would like to get involved. Time commitment for committee membership will vary by committee, however most will meet only a few times per year. 

Resort Advisory Body
This is a new committee and the terms of reference have not yet been set. The committee is required to meet to review the annual budget and any amendments to business regulations. 

Seeking:  1 Business Community Representative

Non-Resident’s Committee 
This committee represents the interests of non-voting property owners.

Seeking: 1 Canadian, Non-Resident Property Owner (ideally an out of province owner)

Sun Peaks Housing Authority
This board oversees the management of and provides direction for the affordable housing program.   

Seeking: 1 Member of the Community at Large

Board of Variance 
This committee reviews and makes decisions related to planning variance applications that show adhering to municipal bylaws creates a hardship. This is a quasi-judicial body. 

Seeking: 1 member

If you’re interested in any of these committees, please email Nicky Jonsson at with a short resume or description of related experience.