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Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality Utilities consists of three components: Water, Sewer and Gas (Propane)


If you have an emergency, please contact 911.

For all Billing , Pre-Authorized Payments or Applications Information, email  or call 250-578-2020 during business hours Mon to Fri from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (closed holidays) 

After Hours Emergencies, Utilities On Call phone number 250-319-0629.

For operational questions, please email  or call 250-578-2020 during business hours Mon to Fri from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (closed holidays)

Utility Online Services

We now offer an online portal.  Once you are registered, you will be able to see your utilities invoice.  You will not be able to view old invoices until you are registered. You will have 24 hour access to the information. 

Go to MyMunicipality Online to register.

    Water & Wastewater

    The Water and Wastewater Utilities in Sun Peaks are owned and operated by the Municipality.

    Current Bylaws & Rates:

    Water     Wastewater

    Gas (Propane) Utility

    Resort Gas Ltd. is the utility business providing gas (propane) to the community of Sun Peaks; it is wholly owned by Sun Peaks Resort LLP. The management services and operation of the supply are contracted to Sun Peaks Municipality Utilities. The community gas grid utilizes the bulk storage facilities located east of the Burfield chairlift.

    The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) regulates private utilities in BC. The Utility is required to provide quarterly reports, for continual review of viable business operations and propane delivery to customers. Regular reviews and price adjustments (as necessary) are required by the BCUC, not only to maintain viability of the utility but to protect consumers from being subjected to price gouging or businesses operating at a profit level above the regulations.

    A copy of the approved gas tariff and current rates as approved by the British Columbia Utilities Commission are available for viewing on this site and at the Utilities’ Administration offices, located in the Kookaburra Lodge, #106 – 3270 Village Way, during regular office hours.

    The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) regulates all energy sales in BC including Sun Peaks’ Gas Utility rates. More information can be found at www.bcuc.com.  

    The British Columbia Utilities Commission has approved our application to decrease the commodity rate effective September 1, 2023. Order Number G-255-23

    Gas Commodity Rate Change                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Effective  Jan 1- Aug 31, 2023 Rate (per Gj)

    Effective      Sept 1, 2023          Rate (per Gj)

    Storage    1.55    1.45
    GCRA     .48        0
    Total Gas Commodity Rate$23.94$17.08



    January 2023

    February 2023

    April 2023

    May 2023

    July 2023

    October 2023

    November 2023

    Tariff Pages

    Effective September 1, 2023

    Effective January 1, 2023

    Effective January 1, 2022

    Annual Report


    Payment Information and Options

      On-Line Payment Option (via Canadian Bank or Credit Union)

      Your utility payment can be made using any Canadian Bank or Credit Union using the Electronic On-Line Payment Option.  For more information or how to set this payment option up, contact your Canadian bank.   When setting up on-line payments, please select ‘Sun Peaks Utilities‘ and include your account number (as shown on your paper invoice). At this time, this option is not available through US or other International Banks.

      Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality Provides a Pre-Authorized Debit payment option available for all Customers. 

      Please complete the fillable Pre-authorization payment & agreement form (PAD) .  

      Completed forms can be emailed, dropped off or mailed to the Municipal Hall. 

      Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality – Utilities Division
      106 – 3270 Village Way
      Sun Peaks, BC
      Canada, V0E 5N0

      Your pre-authorized debit withdrawals will begin for the billing period following the receipt of your application. 

      Please note that all pre-authorized debit payments are withdrawn on the 15th of every month. You may cancel your payments by pre-authorized debit any time by notifying Sun Peaks Municipality – Finance Division (finance@sunpeaksmunicipality.ca) at least 15 days in advance of the next pre-authorized debit withdrawal.

      Should you have any questions regarding your billing service, please contact the office.

      Payments for your Sun Peaks’ Utilities invoices can also be paid by Personal/Business cheque

      Please make cheques payable to Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality – Utilities Division and include your account number on the cheque. Mail check to the Municipal Hall.

      At the Municipal Hall

      Payments can be made in person at the Sun Peaks  Mountain Resort Municipality office on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., excluding statutory holidays. Masks are optional. Should you require assistance after hours please call the office during business hours to make arrangements. We do use a third party payment processor for Visa & Mastercard that does charge a fee.

      Online Card Payments (fees apply) 




      Questions and Answers:

      Can I access my utility account information online? 

      Go to MyMunicipality Online to register.

      Moving? Name or address change

      If you are moving or changing your name of mailing address please contact utility billing for a special reading, email us at email or phone 250-578-2020

      How often are utilities billed and what are the billing dates? 

      Utilities are billed every month around the 20th.

      When is my utility bill due and what happens if I can't pay? 

      The utility bill is due and payable by the due date indicated on the front of the utility bill. A late payment charge will be imposed on overdue accounts. As of December 31, any Water & Sewer outstanding amounts billed before November will be transferred to the property tax roll as property arrears.

      What happens when an outstanding utility amount is transferred to the property tax roll? 

      It owes on the property taxes as arrears on the property. Interest accumulates at the going tax rate from the 1st of January until the date of payment is received.

      Is GST included on the utility bill? 

      Water & Sewer are exempt from GST, but Gas is not.

      Is it customary for the tenant or the owner to receive the utility bill? 

      The tenant, property manager or the owner can receive the utility bill, but the owner is always responsible for any outstanding amounts.

      Is a new owner responsible for arrears on the utility bill prior to the possession date? 

      Utilities are a charge against the property and any outstanding amounts incurred by the previous owner stays outstanding against the property to where the water was delivered.

      Owner responsibility 

      Owners are required to give notice to the Utility Billing Department of any change of ownership. Persons purchasing property should see that utility rates are paid; the current property owner is responsible for utility accounts unpaid by former owners or occupants. New Owners are required to submit an Application for Utility Services (PDF)

      Is a new tenant responsible for arrears on the utility bill prior to their occupancy date? 

      A new tenant is not responsible for arrears owing prior to their occupancy date, but this amount will stay outstanding on the bill until it is paid. It is the owners' responsibility.

      Access to meters 

      A municipal meter reader manually reads every water and gas meter in Sun Peaks once a month. These meters are on the sides of homes and buildings, and in some cases can be difficult to access. Please review where the meters are for your property and ensure that there is safe walking access to them for our meter reader. If our meter reader cannot access the meters, we may estimate your usage or a fine may be applied if the meter is blocked.

      What is the Minimum Charge for Water & Sewer and how is it calculated

      To service the Utility’s existing annual interest and debt repayment while reducing the reliance on uncertain future development DCC revenue, the Utility must fund today’s system with fees generated by existing users. Finance and Utilities explored several fee models that support both conservation and the need to address the fixed day to day operational costs for properties where there is only part-time occupancy. Whether used or not used in the non-peak periods, the Utility has minimum costs every month to maintain both water and wastewater services. Council has approved a funding model that adds a minimum base charge. 

      The minimum base charge would only be charged when the monthly usage is below half of the first-tier usage. Your tier usage is calculated based on your bed units. 

      Minimum Charge Information