Sun Peaks Steps up to Help Ukrainian Family

Ukrainian Flag

Sun Peaks Steps Up to Assist Ukraine Family

 Sun Peaks Community Helps will assist a Ukrainian family — two adults, Alex and Nataliia, and their two children, aged 2 and 4 — to settle Sun Peaks in early May. They will be arriving in Vancouver from Prague on April 27, to stay until the weekend. Rosedale on Robson has generously donated a three-night stay — thanks so much!

A volunteer will make the round trip to Vancouver to bring them to Sun Peaks on Saturday, April 30. Car seats suitable for a 2- and a 4-year old are still needed…if anyone has such that can be loaned for that weekend or if you have one to donate, please contact us directly (  The father, Alex, has a fair grasp of basic English, so communication will not be difficult.

After their arrival, they will stay at Nancy Greene’s Cahilty Lodge until they can move into their summer accommodation in early May, generously donated by Pat & Larry Linton. We would like to find several families to welcome them and socialize on a weekly basis if possible. It would be great if we had two families with young children who could help them settle in.  Connecting them with our social networks and all those social activities we may take for granted. Kamloops Immigrant Service will assist us with the formal registration of government registrations, etc.

Once the family has arrived, we will do an inventory of what they have and what they need. We may be reaching out for clothing, shoes, bikes and other sports goods. In addition, once they are settled in, we will host a welcome evening and invite community members — especially community families — to come out and meet them.  If there is someone in the community who would like to take on this task after they have arrived, that would be fantastic.

 We are still reaching out to other Ukrainians that may wish to come to Canada and Sun Peaks. We have just had a request for second family.  If we find a third family, we will need six months accommodation for the third family. We have two generous offers right now but a third suite would allow us to invite three families.  Anyone wish to house a third family for a six month period? Although we expect refugee families to be respectful tenants, Sun Peaks Community Helps will guarantee against minor damage that may occur.

Once we find out their work experience, we will be looking for possible employment opportunities.  We will communicate later about possible employment.

Thanks to all of you who have responded so encouragingly, your responses have confirmed that we are doing the right thing. We will keep everyone in the loop as we accommodate these families.

Sun Peaks Community Helps