Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan Refresh Draft is now available. The 'What We Heard' survey summary documents are also available. A public presentation will be made on September 1st from 6:30 - 7:00 PM. Zoom ID: 871 8983 9145 Code: 547935

OCP Refresh Project 

Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, located within the traditional territory of the Secwépemc people and a short drive from Kamloops, is one of British Columbia’s most unique communities. With a growing population of full-time residents, the mountain resort community is seeing a period of exceptional growth. Infrastructure to support the growing community of permanent residents as well as recreational visitors is key to the community’s future planning goals.

Sun Peaks developed its first OCP in 2014. This refresh will create a renewed vision for the community, a framework to guide community growth, and certainty to residents, landowners, and the community as it relates to community change. The OCP Refresh will also recognize the Sun Peaks Resort Master Plan Update (2020). This refresh is an opportunity to include changes as required by legislation, and to bring the bylaw inline with development trends suitable for the municipality, focusing on areas such as housing, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism. In addition, this OCP review will also reaffirm the community’s values concerning issues such as land use, development permit areas and guidelines, servicing, amenities, economic development, the municipality’s identity as a resort municipality, aspirations for sustainability, greenhouse gas management, and climate change.

To ensure that the OCP Refresh reflects the values of the municipality as a whole, the community must be consulted in an effective way. A Communications and Engagement Plan will identify when and how the team will engage as many residents, stakeholders, and community members as possible throughout the OCP Refresh process.

What is an OCP?

The OCP is a document required through Provincial legislation and is The Main Vision Document for the Community. Broadly, the OCP is a future-looking document which contains a community vision, statements of objectives, policies, and guidelines that help guide planning and land use decisions. Any other plans, bylaws, and policies within the Municipality MUST follow the OCP.  And in the case of Sun Peaks, the OCP must recognize and be in alignment with the Sun Peaks Master Plan and Master Development Agreement (MDA) between the Province and Sun Peaks Resort LLP.

The current Official Community Plan includes a policy that Council update the OCP following regular updates to the Sun Peaks Resort Master Plan.  Sun Peaks Resort LLP submitted a Master Plan update in 2020.

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We Can’t Do It Without You

Given that the OCP is functionally the community’s vision for itself, we need the community to help shape the plan. We need your input and guidance as this document affects and influences aspects of your everyday life, including housing choice and affordability, parks and recreation, a vibrant village core, and local jobs/economy. The OCP directs the Municipality’s future investments in these important aspects of your community. The community survey is now open until June 6th and we want to hear from you!

How Do We Get There?

The Municipality has hired TRUE Consulting and Selkirk Planning & Design to complete the OCP Refresh process, which includes public engagement throughout the process to gather the thoughts and ideas of the community to inform the refresh of the OCP. Using community input and planning best practices, the team will develop a Community Vision, Guiding Principles, Objectives, Policies, Guidelines, and Maps that make up the OCP Bylaw document. Updating an OCP is a way of ensuring that land use and planning decisions are in alignment with the community’s vision.

How and When Can I Get Involved?

There will be numerous opportunities for you to get involved in the OCP Refresh beginning in April 2022. Depending on the status of COVID-19, engagement opportunities will be carefully balanced between online platforms and in-person events.

The OCP project team will listen to all voices and ideas during the project. The team will gather feedback throughout the process and report back to the community and Council at various stages of the process to ensure that we understand what community values and priorities are for the future of Sun Peaks. A publicly available ‘What We Heard’ document will be available following each phase of public engagement. The team has the exciting challenge of bringing together a host of ideas, best practices and perspectives, including: community values and priorities, Council direction, staff direction, consultant team member expertise, and latest best practices in community planning. 

This page is dedicated to providing the public with information regarding the OCP Refresh. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates on how you can participate in this exciting process!

If you would like to sign-up for project updates and be informed of upcoming events, please email, or visit the Municipality’s website and/or Facebook page.

Project Timeline

Project Start

March 2022

Community Engagement

April – June 2022

Key Stakeholder Engagement

May & throughout project

Public Survey

May 26 - June 6

Draft Plan & Consultation

June – July 2022

Community In-Person Open House on Draft 1 OCP

July 20th 5 - 7 PM SPC

Online Community Engagement & Public Survey on Draft 2 OCP

July 20 - August 1

Engagement on Draft 2 OCP

August & September 2022

OCP ApprovedOctober 2022


Why does the Mountain Resort Municipality need to refresh its Official Community Plan?

The Municipality’s current OCP was adopted in 2014. Since the completion of the previous OCP, the Municipality has been changing and has seen significant population growth and it faces new opportunities and challenges. Today, a focused refresh on the current OCP is required to give a renewed vision for the Municipality.

The Municipality is interested in incorporating changes as required by legislation, and to bring the bylaw into line with development trends suitable for the Municipality, focusing on areas such as housing, business, recreation, and tourism. In addition, this OCP refresh will also reaffirm the community’s values concerning issues such as servicing, land use, amenities, aspirations for sustainability, climate change, Development Permit areas, and greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies and targets.


General Inquiries

Municipality Contact
Shane Bourke
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Consultant Contacts
Selkirk Planning & Design

Amy Clarke
Communications and Engagement Lead

TRUE Consulting
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Project Lead